UI / UX Design

In the web's early days, traffic was driven by banner ads and eye candy, and content brought people back. When true search engines became available, content attracted visitors, but it was a solid UI and overall experience that reduced attrition. After all, why would someone keep using a web site that was obnoxious and unintuitive, when competitors with rich feature sets are popping up every day?

Your user experience (UX) starts before a tool has even been developed, by defining usabilty concerns, refining these through wireframes, visual design and user testing, so that the future-driven design pattern is set in motion.

Visual Design

Visual design isn't just making things "shiny". Strong visual design communicates ideas. Iconography conveys information and concepts, The right colors make content more accessible. Good design makes web sites and interfaces more intuitive.

From logos and iconography to style guides and complete site design, I have two decades of experience conveying complex concepts and tasks via color, typography, iconography, photography and other visual design methods. I've also established a solid photographic portfolio, ranging from editorial and commercial to performance and events.


Most developers are unfamiliar with the usability needs of the modern web. Similarly, most designers don't tend to delve deeply into the code, which can lead to unrealistic expectations and missed deadlines in your product release cycle.

The concept of a hybrid UX/visual design role with the development background necessary to make informed decisions isn't just a fantasy anymore. I've been hand-coding standards-compliant, semantic, Section 508-compliant code since 1992, developing functional prototypes from my designs and implementing my code into existing server-side frameworks... without breaking the build. I have worked with Scrum teams using Agile methodology in fast-paced, dynamic workplaces, and look forward to working with yours.


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